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Take it Slow

Yeah, a century of prohibition sucked. We get it — you want to make up for lost time. But cannabis wasn’t legalized in a hurry, so you shouldn’t be in one either.

The magic of cannabis, and of cannabis-infused beverages, is the way they slow you down, get you to consider things more deeply, and take your time. Cannabis drinks aren’t meant to be shotgunned like some can of warm beer at a frat party, or downed like a shot of gut-rotting well liquor. No, no — here, sipping slowly is the name of the game. You want the cannabinoids in the drink to build on one another in your body, not bodyslam you into the couch all at once. Think of cannabis drinks like a glass of wine, not a shot. Let the drink breathe a little; let yourself breathe a little while your at it.

This is especially important to remember if it’s your first time trying a new type of cannabis drink. A little can go a long way these days. Even if you tried a lot of edibles pre-legalization, you might be surprised that what you might think of as a small amount of THC (4, 5, or 6 mg) can pack a powerful punch — and it’s pretty likely that those high-THC brownies you bought off the street weren’t made, tested, or labelled especially accurately.

Sipping it slowly will give you a bit more control over how strong the effects of the drink are. Depending on who makes the drink you’re enjoying, a different technology may be used to infuse the drink — meaning it may take effect quicker, or slower, than the others. You can always drink more, but once you’ve started, you can’t drink less. 

It’s not all about safety and control, either. For decades we’ve been taught to drink like it’s a race — quickly, in excess, and towards the end result. Maybe take all these new cannabis drinks as a chance to think about this relationship and, if it suits you, learn to slow down and go at your own pace — not someone else’s. Sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination. Sip slow and feel the glow my friend.

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