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On your own at home, visiting with old friends or out on the town making new ones — who you share our drinks with is up to you!

We built our drinks with lower doses of THC and CBD in mind — because who really enjoys being knocked off their feet after just one? With lower doses, they fit in with how many people already enjoy their drinks, alcoholic or otherwise: spreading them out over the course of a few hours, sharing, splitting and swapping them along the way. If you’re someone who wants to trade out beer, wine or mixed drinks for infused tea at your next dinner party, lower-dosed  drinks will help provide some consistency and predictability to help you pace yourself. Put a few cans on ice, spread ‘em out over the the course of the evening, and enjoy them at whatever rhythm works for you.

And hey — nobody wants to get too stoned to carry on a conversation, right? Keeping the doses low may not sound all that sexy, but you’ll be thankful when you make it to the end of your best joke without blowing the punchline. (If you’re like me, you’ve learned this lesson one too many times already.) Or like a lot of people, you may prefer to enjoy one alone, paired with music, a good book, or a long run. They’re a great fit for that, too, if that’s more your speed.

Whether you’re after some relaxing, stress-busting CBD at the end of a work day, or an infused juice with a balance of THC to kickstart a creative and not-so-lazy Saturday morning, cannabis drinks are an easy fit with your life now — no need to schedule your life around a drink. You already know how to socialize and turn casual acquaintances into lifelong friends. You already know how to have a good time. Your choice of refreshment doesn’t need to complicate that.

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