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Collective Project X Zentrela Inc.: Cannabis Effect Research

Zentrela Inc. is working with cannabis beverage brand Collective Project to be one of the first cannabis companies to provide consumers objective, scientific data on the effects created by their leading cannabis beverages.

Hamilton, ON - July 25, 2022 – Craft cannabis brand, Collective Project is partnering with Hamilton-based neurotechnology pioneers, Zentrela Inc, for a six month program to educate Ontario consumers on the effects created by their industry-leading Blood Orange, Yuzu & Vanilla Sparkling Juice.

The Cannabis Act has established strict parameters for brands to communicate product effects. By partnering with Zentrela Inc., Collective Project will be able to provide cannabis retailers and consumers objective, scientific effect data for the Blood Orange beverage. The goal of the partnership is to educate consumers on the effects created by this leading cannabis beverage and enable them to make informed purchase decisions.

Collective Project has selected their Blood Orange, Yuzu & Vanilla Sparkling Juice which has 10mgs of THC and 10mgs of CBD. This SKU has been the top selling cannabis beverage at the Ontario Cannabis Store for five months running. 

Director Of Brand Marketing & Communications at Collective Project, Toni Shelton says, “Although legal in Canada now, cannabis carries a stigma from the ‘edible brownie days in college’. We’re excited to be partnering with Zentrela because we’ll now have an education platform to share with consumers what we already knew - that our beverages deliver a rapid onset effect experience, among a vast list of other positive attributes. This is the preferred cannabis beverage in Ontario and not being able to properly communicate the experience our products deliver has been challenging. This will be ground breaking for us”.

The education program consists of publishing comprehensive study results online in a consumer-friendly format. Participating retailers in the initial phase of the program include The Niagara Herbalist, The Gym Cannabis and Queen George Cannabis.

“Until now there has not been a scalable scientific research model producers could use to characterize the effects created by their products. This information is critical for brand owners and retailers because it is the most important information demanded by consumers making purchasing decisions” said Israel Gasperin, founder and CEO of Zentrela, Inc. “We identified this issue 6 years ago and built a proprietary neurotechnology platform and a scientific research framework to address this urgent industry need. At the end of the day, great brands are built on trust and we are proud to partner with Collective Project on this program to educate consumers on the great experience their products create.”



Zentrela is a Canadian neurotechnology pioneer and creator of the Cognalyzer®, the only scientifically validated test for measuring the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Founded by neuro-entrepreneur Israel Gasperin, Zentrela is creating the world’s largest scientific database of cannabis product effects.

Visit Zentrela’s website to learn more.

Linkedin: Zentrela Inc

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Twitter: @ZentrelaInc

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